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TALY MIND Set Bulk Order (50 Units)

Price: $2,698.50

The TALY MIND Set® (select color below):
- Simplifies the golf swing
- Keeps you focused
- Improves putting, chipping and full swing
- Develops rhythm, tempo, and feel
- Teaches MIND Mechanics®
- Transfers your skills to the course
- Used by the UCLA golf team (the #1 college golf program in the U.S. as rated by Golf Digest 2006).
The TALY MIND Set straps onto your target arm and by focusing on the attached red ball, you begin to visualize your “Talynt Point” (i.e. the red ball). Once you accept the unique approach of using a mental reference point to free your thoughts, your golf swing will become intuitive, natural and accurate.
Swinging the red ball like the hand of a clock improves tempo, increases distance and accuracy, grooves a consistent swing, and helps you perform when it counts.
Includes two instructional brochures with photos to demonstrate the concepts. Impact Talent Brochure included.

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